Three Ways To Make Working At The Office Better.

Is it a little stuffy in the office?  Does it sometimes feel as though your coworkers are just that and at the end of the day all your commonalities vanish? Well here are a few tips of how to get to know your coworkers and build relationships that live on past 5pm. 

First, work in a happy hour night every now and then.  It is great for team building if everybody can grab a drink and loosen up together. Everyone will be able to see each other in a different social setting that the normal, rigid office totem pole.  By interacting in a relaxed setting than a professional one, it allows different faces to come out of their work modes and open up. You can learn a lot about someone when they aren’t stuck behind a desk, but are rather just enjoying a drink after a long, successful week. 

Second, grab lunch together.  Everybody eats there is no secret there.  Try to go out in larger groups than just yourself or one other person.  A nice break in the middle of the day to talk sports, news or just nonsense is refreshing and will make you more productive for the rest of the day.  Plus if you have someone pick where you are going it could mean you try new food that you would have not tried on your own.  Building up rapport with coworkers is beneficial to all and even makes teamwork easier and more effective.

Third, decorate the office.  Even if there is not a holiday happening throw up some decorations on those cube walls you stare at for hours on end.  Nothing makes a job more doable than getting the creative juices flowing.  Plus if everyone pitches in, everyone can become better at collaborating with one another. Decorations give the office personality and make working less or a chore and more comfortable and interactive.

These are just a few ideas that you can bring to the office. Thinking outside the box is what brings innovative instead of repetition. For more great ideas like these, follow Biel’s on Twitter or LinkedIn!

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