The Purchasing Process Is Easier with NYS Contracts

The easier something is, the better – right? New York State kept that in mind with their NYS Contracts procurement process. They’ve made the process easy with preferred sourcing from 173 private-sector partners and member agencies. 35 years and 1900 contracts later, state contracts are still helping local and state government agencies and schools alike with a cheaper, easier purchasing processes.

How is the purchasing process made easier?
The complex and time consuming bidding process is a non-existent when a product is purchased through New York State contract. All of the time and monetary costs associated with setting up and analyzing the competitive bidding process are gone. The costs are minimized and the purchasers still receive the products they require.

The NYS Procurement agency’s goal is to provide an efficient and innovative process so that buyers and suppliers can build strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Economic development is supported and encouraged by the state contract system. It’s the hope that the system grows and continues to make life easier for those in the local and state systems. School districts, rehabilitation centers, and governments are all candidates for this procurement program, among other organizations. This process can help turn a long and complex process into a simpler, most cost effective way to buy the goods and/or services that would already be being purchased.

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