Why Purchase Through New York State Contract?

With a preferred sourcing program, the costly bidding process can be reduced or eliminated. That saves your organization time and money. Time is also saved by eliminating or reducing the bidding process. It can be time consuming to set up the bidding process, receive the bids, and process and choose the appropriate bidder.

The time saved from going through the lengthy bidding process can be used to complete other projects, tasks, etc. If anyone had to choose between doing one project in a set time limit or multiple projects in a set time limit, doing multiple projects is the easy choice. The New York State Contracts system also saves money because the procurement system is based on ethics, efficiency, and innovativeness. Because of these foundations, you can be assured that you won’t spend countless hours chasing the suppliers for money, the goods, or anything else for that matter. This reallocation and time saving decision are smart business and financial decisions that become possible when organizations make the switch to using New York State Contracts system.

If you’re still on the fence about using NYS contracts to purchase scanners, printers or other hardware, ask yourself these few questions:

  • Are you a government organization (this includes schools, fire districts and all levels of government)?
  • Could your organization benefit from saving time in testate contract purchasing process?
  • Is saving money a financial priority to your organization?

If you’ve been answering yes to these questions, its about time to contact Biel’s and get started!