Perfect Time Management

Too many of us feel like there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all of our tasks. Even if it feels like you’re working from task to task, from start to finish, only to find that you haven’t accomplished any of what you were hoping for. Relaxing isn’t an option because even when you are taking a break, your mind is thinking about all the tasks you should be doing, but by doing a a ton of things at 50 percent will lead to a crash eventually and not allow you to work at your best. Here are a few ways to help you improve time management.

There are many who believe if you aren’t working as much as you can, becoming successful will not happen. However, by focusing on the most important task, you will be the most effective. Practice saying no; it will give you more time to focus on tasks that were designated to you. If you honestly have time, then you can say yes to helping co- workers. Write down your most important tasks for the day and if something else comes up, say no or try to find someone else to work on it.

Part of being productive is allowing yourself time to truly relax and re-energize. Taking small breaks throughout the day and throughout the week will prevent burn out and make you feel re-energized. Consider taking a day to not answer your phone or your email. Block out certain times in your schedule to spend time with family or your friends.

Look through your schedule and try to remove anything that is causing you to waste time. Avoid phone calls that take too long but have no purpose or meetings that never end. Have a clear agenda for meetings and stick to it. You can replace those long phone calls with emails.

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