What Your Law Office Is Missing

A surprising amount of legal professionals are not meeting goals or working in an efficient manner and could benefit the most from implementing a strong document management system.  Here are a few benefits:


A document management system will provide a solid, centralized location for all of your files, despite the variety of different forms in your office, making employee collaboration, sharing and reviewing those documents so much easier. Physical files, emails and other networks with electronic files will all be in one, easily accessible location.


Automating more processes would help with document turnaround and allow all parties to access updated versions as well as see who made certain changes. The document management system allows employees to work faster and smarter, making them more productive and able to overcome obstacles often faced in the legal industry.


The system comes with a better ability to manage and secure documents and ensure that only those with the appropriate credentials can access them. You can control who access documents during it’s process, even down to the version.

Biel’s offers Perceptive legal document management software that can keep documents and information safe from those who are unauthorized as well as keep them safe from physical damage.  It will provide benefits like:

  • Check in and check out shared documents to improve collaboration and protect document integrity
  • Ensure that sensitive legal files are viewed only by people with appropriate access
  • Automatically index records and information by client, department or any other classification for instant retrieval

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