Productivity is a Weird Thing

Ever read an article online on “how to be more productive” and think to yourself, “Man, I already tried all of these and they just didn’t work for me.” Well, I am going to tell you some weird ways to increase productivity that might just be the cure for what you have been looking for.

5 weird things that can make you more productive:

    1. Smiling: Studies have shown that smiling isn’t just a sign that we’re already happy; the simple act of turning that frown upside down can produce that state, as well. It’s an easy way to soak your tired brain in happy chemicals, which in turn might make you more productive. We know that happy people are healthier than unhappy people–and an improved mood leads to a greater ability to think and act more quickly.
    2. Playing video games: Yes, that’s right. A study at Penn State found that playing video games bolsters problem solving skills and they’re fun! However, Grand Theft Auto might not boost your skills.
    3. Chewing gum: A study from St. Lawrence University found that students who chewed gum 15 to 20 minutes before a test scored better than those who didn’t. Supposedly, chewing gum activates neurons, which translates to better critical thinking skills.
    4. 4.Talking to yourself: This sounds nuts, but take a cue from old-school motivational speakers and books: Pace around the room reciting empowering affirmations in a positive, confident tone of voice and great posture. It will improve your self- confidence.
    5. Busting a move: Put on some great dance music and have a little 5-minute party! That’s right, just dance. You don’t even need a partner! It will get you out of your chair and moving. You’ll skip the 2:30 pm tired feeling and stay productive.

Sure, some of these might be a bit weird but that’s the point. Try something new and you might just be able to be the more productive self you always wanted to be. For more tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.