Revitalize Your Records Management

Most organizations have some form of records management in place. However, it’s important to make sure that your records management, storage, and disposal processes are not neglected. Continuing to do the following tasks can keep your records management up-to-date and as efficient as possible!

Identify Sensitive Data
Keep documents that are used on a daily basis onsite and within easy access so that your business can function properly. If these documents include sensitive materials, such as a business license or tax identification number, they should be kept in a locked file cabinet or if they are electronic, should be password protected.
Keep Inventory
It’s important to know what files you have, where they are, and who has access to them. You can take inventory in-house or by using a records management service.
File Your Files
Don’t let files pile up. This wastes time and causes liability risks like misplaced documents easily being picked up by identity thieves. Instead, file regularly. Compare the cost of having a staff member file on a regular basis with the money your business saves on productivity loss and liability suits.
Poor record storage and management leads to lost files and misplaced information. Save time and boost productivity by de-cluttering storage areas and moving unused files to an off-site storage location.
Archive or Shred Old Documents
Files that are not used daily should be archived, saving in-house storage space and helping to eliminate the threat of theft or loss. According to the IRS, businesses are not required to keep documents that are over three years old. Documents that are suitable for discard should be shredded using a trusted shredding service.
A records management company can help your business save 30% – 60% on productivity losses, storage fees, liability budgets and office storage space. Just make sure the company you choose has strict security protocols, shredding and reliable archival system.
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