Automation Domination: Human Resources

If there was a faster and more accurate way to complete your businesses tasks, would you do it? Today’s technology offers businesses automation of businesses processes so they are completed quicker and with less error, saving time and money.

Human Resources is a great example of a department that can greatly benefit from automation. HR has diverse responsibilities and control over sensitive information. It creates and maintains volumes of information to stay in compliance with ever-changing regulations all while requiring a zero tolerance for error. Automating HR processes not only creates a more efficient and accurate department but overall organization.

So let’s talk about the specific benefits that come along with automating your human resource processes.

Automatic Document Routing
From application and beyond, automated HR processes are used to capture and store employee records as well as documents associated with:

  • Credentialing
  • Recruitment
  • Testing
  • Relocation
  • Continuing Education
  • Benefits Administration
  • Compliance.

Automation offers digital document repositories for all records, which reduce storage costs and allow virtually no document loss.

Performing Routine Tasks Quicker
Changes in name-and-address data, entry of vacation dates, filing and retrieving employee records, all are functions that can be automated. Employees can look up documents such as benefits plans, personal work-hour records or the status of requests on their own. This frees up HR to focus on more valuable tasks.

Enhanced Security and Compliance
Automated control of documents protects employee privacy and complies with HIPAA and other regulations. HR can issue policy changes and other essential communications through a document interface that ensures all employees review and acknowledge the document, enhancing reading compliance.

A module within your automation software, Workflow allows for the creation of process rules, assignments and deadlines. Simple to configure and manage, Workflow ensures these configurations are systematically applied to all work as it enters the process and as work is assigned, users are instantly notified with instructions. Managers also have improved visibility into work quality and quantity.