This Just In. . .Less Paper = Better

Using less paper and implementing an electronic document management system allows businesses to easily transition to paperless with seamless creation, storage, sharing and access to data. Here are just a few of the businesses that derive the maximum benefit from going paperless.

Insurance Agencies 
The insurance industry is one of the most paper-heavy professions in the country. Agencies print reams and reams of paper for just copies of policies. As a result, a lot of money is spent on paper, a vast amount of space is occupied by file cabinets and folders that store the paper, and a lot of time is spent typing, printing, copying and searching for specific files. These companies put a small fortune of resources into filing paper. Digital documents allow agencies instant access to the documents they need by keyword searches as well as reliable storage that barely takes up any room at all.

Financial Advisors 
In the financial advisory field, there are regulatory and compliance requirements that must be met. A paper based system requires the time to meticulously maintain paper records, while a paperless system can keep their practice in compliance with regulations automatically. Using an electronic document management system also makes files available on any machine with an internet connection, as well as peace of mind that data is safe and secure.

Accounting Firms 
Like financial advisors, accountants and tax professionals need to have information ready at hand when meeting with clients. Going paperless saves time when accessing documents and saves money in equipment and supplies like copiers, printers, paper and ink. Paperless data storage makes life especially simpler during tax season.

The Medical Field 
Medical professionals, clinics and labs are using electronic document management to make processes more efficient, reduce human error and make it possible for physicians to keep data confidential with level-based security. Being paperless also means that patients can receive their reports and results via internet or email. As more and more medical treatment centers move to paperless processes, professionals and patients are becoming more aware of the convenience an electronic document management system offers.

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