Why Do Non-Profits Belong In The Cloud?

So They Can Save Money,
Non-profits strive to serve their communities, not spend money on technology. However, the Cloud can help non-profits directly serve their communities more effectively, while staying within their budget. The Cloud allows non-profits to store data remotely, eliminating the need to purchase costly hardware or hire in-house IT professionals. And by reducing the amount of computer hardware, electricity and maintenance costs are also reduced. Utilizing the Cloud makes file cabinets obsolete and enables volunteers or employees to work from home, which means they need less office space.

Protect Information,
Security is a major concern for non-profits, as their records often contain sensitive financial, health or other private information. When information is stored in the Cloud, everything is centralized in a secure facility. Digital documents are protected with passwords and cannot be lost or misplaced. The Cloud also reduces the human error associated with onsite back-up and maintenance as it back-ups data automatically. No matter what crisis occurs, important files are protected and can easily be restored.
And Increase Efficiency.
Most non-profits run with a limited staff working double-time. Outdated or inadequate technology increases the time it takes to access files and programs necessary to run the organization. Storing your data in the Cloud frees up your time and allows more effective work. Staff can quickly access the information they need and use the programs they need, without worrying about lag time or crashes. The Cloud takes the focus off IT issues and puts it back on the mission of the organization. For more information on how the Cloud can benefit your non-profit please visit biels.com or follow us on Twitter@BielsDM.