The Path to Paperless Begins with Digitizing Your Documents

You’ve been thinking about going paperless for a while now, but just aren’t convinced that converting your paper documents into digital documents is beneficially for your office. Let me pick your brain with a few questions, and if you find yourself answering yes, more than no, document digitization might be exactly what your office needs!

Do your documents keep getting lost or misfiled? 
Few things can get as frustrating as knowing exactly where a document is supposed to be, and discovering it’s not there. Of course no one in the office ever recalls seeing it, or knows where it is, making the search for that document exasperating. Digital documents are never removed by users, just accessed. This means that even if 50 people need to refer to a document each day, they can all view it simultaneously, without the worry of loss or damage to the document.

Do you waste time searching for documents? 
Studies show that professionals spend up to two hours a day retrieving files, and if many documents are needed a day, it’s easy for them to get overloaded. Digital documents allow anyone in your office to access documents in seconds, reducing the time wasted searching for documents. This is one of the main reasons many offices have digitized their documents.

Is your office running out of storage space? 
As more paper documents are created, copied and filed away, additional filing cabinets are needed and soon storage space starts running low. Very little storage space is required for digital documents as millions can be stored on a single computer server. A 4-drawer file cabinet can hold 10,000 paper documents, while one CD can hold 10,000 digital documents. And, once the original documents are converted to digital, they can either be destroyed or stored off-site.

Do you need to take documents on the road? When taking paper documents on the road, the weight and bulk of files can add up quickly. Digital documents are available on any computer, tablet or mobile device that has an internet connection. You can take only your iPad on the road with you, but have access to thousands, even millions of documents.

Would you lose data if a natural disaster occurred? Disaster preparedness involves the ability to recover from incidents such as fires, floods, earthquakes or hurricanes as quickly as possible. Vital information on paper documents can easily be destroyed and lost forever, while digital documents kept on a server are not susceptible to these disasters. They can always be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

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