Three Things for Your Leadership “To Do” List?

Written by: Jesse Kook
Senior Human Resources Leader and Talent Management Professional | MBA | SPHR

As a leader you are the “chief cheerleader” for your team. Your role is to keep everyone engaged, provide them with clear and concise guidance and provide them with the resources they need to get the job done.

There are three simple things you can do every single day to show your employees you “genuinely” care and are interested in seeing them succeed. Positive reinforcement is always effective.

Make it a habit to do these three easy things every day and your relationships as a leader will strengthen (not just with your employees, but with others in the organization).

#1: Say, “Thank You!”

Saying these two simple words have a big impact and are the easiest thing to do. You say it every day in many situations. How often do you say it at work? Your employees work hard. Sometimes things go great, sometimes they don’t. Regardless, thank them for their effort. Show them you appreciate and recognize their hard work. Thank them for something specific, personalize it.

#2: Show Interest

Drop in and ask what your employees are working on. After all, what they are working on impacts the entire team [and you]. Your job is to stay in tune with their projects, provide guidance and resources and remove roadblocks. Everybody likes talking about what they are working on and appreciate when others show interest. This is your opportunity to provide feedback, guidance and identify potential issues.

#3: Recognize Someone

As the “chief cheerleader” your job is to celebrate successes. Small successes, large successes, it doesn’t matter. Every success is a step in the right direction and recognizing these gains will reinforce continuous improvement. However, don’t diminish by recognizing the wrong things. Recognize noteable achievements.

At the end of your day, your answer to these three questions should be “Yes.”

  1. Did you thank someone today?
  2. Did you discuss someone’s work with them today?
  3. Did you recognize someone today?

Put them on your “to do” list every day and make it a habit.

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