What’s the Point? Important Benefits to Going Paperless

Everyone uses it- what’s the big deal? It’s no secret that companies in the United States use, consume, and waste more paper than any other nation in the world. It’s also estimated that if a company under these conditions were to suffer from a catastrophe, that company would fail in three weeks from the loss of documents and important information. There is a point to going paperless and it goes beyond your company’s contribution to global society and the environment.

The cost benefits of going paperless outweigh the initial monetary investment. The integration of paper in your office operations is equal to the cost of 10,000 sheets of paper per employee per year. Take a minute to reflect on how often you need something printed, faxed, signed, copied, etc. Multiple copies are needed for multiple parties and the bigger you are, the more you have to lose. Installing a document management system and eliminating unnecessary paperwork will save your company money in the long run and can also revitalize your workforce.

The bandwidth of your employees multiplies by utilizing automated and digital processes that streamline office operations. Employees have more time for more tasks; this increases your efficiency and increases employee satisfaction. Allowing your employees to experience more quality work gives it more value. The value of your company from the outside also increases.

Companies reliant on paper or paper products are at risk of being perceived as out of touch. In a world where innovation and progress are so heavily emphasized, the last thing you want is to look like your company can’t keep up. Besides these basics of paperless benefits, there are an infinite number of reasons why it makes sense to cut back on paper consumption and invest in more sustainable business practices. For more information on how to take your first steps into a paperless office, visit us on our website.