Number One Cause of Data Breach?: Human Error

These days, the headlines are full of reports of  cyber-security breaches and hackings. Everyone wants to know how they can prevent their information from being hacked and how to keep their sensitive documents secure. Many things can result in a data breach including theft, malware and phishing. However, a recent report found that the number one cause of data breach was human error and employee negligence. While we’ve recently heard of big name retailers and credit card companies being hacked, the truth is that any business is susceptible to a data breach. Below are a list of tips to help you implement strong cyber security within your organization.

Strong Passwords: Your password should have eight or more characters containing a variety of symbols, numbers and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters. Avoid using passwords that people can easily guess like “ABCD” or “1234.” The longer and more complex a password is, the harder it will be to crack. It is also important to change your password semi-regularly so you don’t have the same password for a long period of  time.

User Authorization: Especially in a paperless office, it is important to authorize which employees have access to certain documents and from which devices. This will allow you to determine which employees had computer access to important documents, even allowing you to see the time of login. Additionally, it is crucial to inform your employees of security measures so they can adhere to them and also contribute to office cybersecurity.

Anti-virus Software: Investing in a comprehensive and strong anti-virus software will protect your company while giving you a significant  ROI.  Anti-Viral software will provide virus detection, password storage, file backup and firewall protection that will keep your important information private and secure.

Go Paperless: A recent study found that a staggering 21% of data breaches involved paper records. Having a high volume of paper documents in your office will leave your important documents susceptible to theft, damage or destruction. Going paperless will reduce or eliminate the amount of paper documents flowing through your office.

Cyber-security is something that needs to constantly be applied and kept up-to-date to reduce the possibilities of human error. Adhering to a strict cyber-security system will ensure the safety of your documents and the well-being of your organization. For more information about data security, contact Biel’s today!