Why Go Paperless?

Biel’s Document Management can create digital images from almost any type of paper documents.   We can scan financial records, engineering drawings, medical records, catalogs, computer reports and other vital business records.  Biel’s also converts all types of documents such as newspapers, medical records, and other essential documents to standard microfilm formats.  All of these are examples of document conversions that Biel’s handles all the way from the paper to digital conversion.

I’m sure we have all heard of the term paperless office.  The growth of cloud computing has been the largest factor in causing this paperless revolution.  People understand what it means for a company to go paperless, but they don’t understand why a company would do so.  Five reasons why a business should go paperless are:

  1. Environmentally friendly– This shouldn’t come as a big shock.  Everyone knows that using less paper causes the use of fewer trees, which in essence helps the environment.
  2. Saves space– Space taken up by paper documents can be used for merchandise or for profit-earning space.
  3. Easy to access & always accessible– The documents that have been converted can be easily accessed through the cloud using any device that has internet, anywhere or anytime.
  4. Adds security– The documents can be tracked and only certain users can access the documents if need be.
  5. Disaster recovery– Files and documents stored within a company are at risk of being damaged while documents will stay secure and accessible in the cloud.

Consumers are now more committed than ever to reducing their paper usage.  People have committed mostly to cutting down on their physical mail and the use of newspapers.  While this is just the beginning for some people, others have tried to cut down on paper use for a long time.  Some businesses are realizing now that not only would it be better for their documents to be converted, but that it could actually save the company a tremendous amount of money by freeing up the space taken up by their documents and files.  It is just a matter of time before all offices become paperless.