Why You Should Outsource Your Content & Inbound Marketing

Marketing has undergone a huge shift over the past 5 years from a heavy emphasis on outbound marketing to inbound marketing based on content. As a matter of fact, content marketing has become the biggest part of a company’s marketing budget. The reason for this shift is the increased availability of information for customers because of smartphones and the widespread use of the internet for research. Now more than ever firms must position themselves where relevant to attract new customers. Search engine optimization (SEO)/mobile web, blogging, and social media are now the most important areas content marketers are focusing on. All of these functions are extremely important and have to be done right or your company may suffer negative effects. Outsourcing your marketing is the best way to go to make sure it gets done right.

Content marketing is much more than just being active on social media. The core function is to share your business’s unique knowledge of the industry to build a trusting relationship with consumers. Consumers research options for purchasing decisions more than ever, especially in B2B situations. Blogging daily has resulted in gaining a customer for 87% of businesses. The problem is time, in order to execute a successful content marketing strategy you need lots of time and often times, this means that you need to hire someone. However, finding a candidate with the expertise of a team is not only expensive but difficult.

That is where Biel’s comes in, we have partnered with other experts in the document management industry to help them communicate their knowledge to customers. Our team has created websites that are mobile friendly, load quickly, and rank highly in relevant keyword searches. Biel’s can help get the word out about your business, we know you have what it takes, let us help you tell people. Unlike other marketing firms, Biel’s is a member of the industry, we can provide a higher quality solution and increase the amount of leads your business gets. For more information, please contact Biel’s today.