Work Never Stops… Neither Should Your EDMS

Electronic document management systems (EDMS) have changed the game for small and medium-sized businesses. Paperless office software allows organizations to dramatically increase efficiency by streamlining filing, document retrieval and version control processes.

With that said, it’s not enough for an EDMS to simply replicate a physical filing cabinet – a stationary document repository accessible only to users in a single office. Business in the 21st Century is a 24/7/365 proposition. For an organization to be efficient, nimble and agile, managers and employees must be able to work with mission-critical information anywhere; at home or on the road, at their desk or on vacation.

That’s why some EDMS software are engineered to do so much more than simply store files. The right ones contain a suite of tools allowing users to access – and use – any document, anywhere, any time. Call up a file in a client meeting. Approve an invoice from your beach chair. Review a proposal in the airport lounge. Always stay connected.

At the office, the  desktop applications offer clients unfettered access to our industry-leading suite of paperless document management, workflow, scheduling and sharing capabilities. From direct integration to advanced forms tools, there’s little that it can’t do.

On any computer or tablet with internet access, a cloud/hosted EDMS allows users to work with their repositories within any standard web browser. Once up and running, there’s no software to install or special instructions to follow: Just open the browser, enter login credentials and be productive.

On your iPad, there’s the new mobile app, providing users of the popular tablet with a streamlined user experience. This allows clients to find, access, edit or delete any document in their document management repository.

Before you take the paperless plunge, make sure you’re not just trading physical hassles for digital ones. True efficiency demands constant access to the information and documents you need, wherever you happen to be.

After all, your work never stops… neither should your EDMS!