2015 Office Trends

Office trends are always changing.  For companies to continue to thrive and be successful, they must continue to adapt each year.  In 2015, office trends focus mainly on an organization’s employees regarding structure, technology, communication, and efficiency. Companies will be trying to transform to  a flat organizational structure.  There will be less layers of management while employees are empowered and expected to take responsibility for certain decisions.   This structural change will shift great attention to the employees of the company.

As we all know, technology has changed immensely throughout the years.  As technology blossoms, offices will be trying to achieve total mobility.  Electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops make the office mobile and give free access to data anywhere, at anytime.  Offices that maintain total mobility will increase greatly in efficiency.  Along with technology comes communication.  The most important office trend, what seems to be an office evergreen, is communication.  Organizations need to ensure that communication between employees is always continuous.  Communication in the workplace boosts the quality of collaboration between employees, resulting in higher efficiency for the company.

Not only is efficiency affected by the communication and mobility of the office, but also the architecture of the office.  It doesn’t come as a surprise in the year 2015 to hear that the idea of office cubicles is being phased out.  Organizations that are making a more interesting environment for employees to work in, are causing the employees to be more engaged in their work. Updating the look and feel of the office will create energy and buzz within the employees. With employees becoming more engaged in the workplace, the office will then experience an increase in productivity and efficiency.

As the years go on, office trends continuously revolutionize.  Although some trends may be new in 2015, companies will always focus on some of the same trends from years prior. Trends such as the communication or efficiency of an office should always be atop of an organization’s priority list.  It is essential that businesses continue to respond to the changes to grow and be successful in the future.


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