Productivity Don’ts

Productivity is the average measure of the efficiency of production. Businesses would like productivity always at a high level to ensure that the business is maximizing efficiency. Everywhere you go there are articles regarding how to be productive and explain the characteristics of a productive employee. Instead of doing that, I’m going to list five things productive employees don’t do.

  1. Don’t waste time – Productive people get their work done and start right away. There is no “lollygagging”. A productive employee comes to work and dives in right away. This guarantees that more work will be accomplished, the sooner you start.
  2. Don’t make excuses – Productive employees are responsible employees. Productive employees know that any work can be accomplished once they set their mind to it. Responsible employees plan and take action when something goes wrong; doing whatever it takes to overcome the issue.
  3. Don’t blame others – This goes along with not making excuses. A productive employee takes full responsibility when something goes wrong. They don’t make excuses or blame others; they face the issue and accept full responsibility. Employees do make mistakes, but productive employees accept blame for mistakes they made.
  4. Don’t expect help – Productive employees will plan their objectives out and then take any action to accomplish those errands. In doing so, they know that they can accomplish just about anything that comes in their way. A productive employee will never rely on or expect help from any outside source.
  5. Don’t forget deadlines – When tasks need to be completed, there is always a deadline given. A productive employee always knows the deadlines for their projects. Just as a person needs to remember their doctor appointment, productive employees remember deadline dates.

Productivity in the workplace is the key for a business run as efficiently as possible. Productive employees are a necessity for a company to run fluently and maximize profits. Knowing this, to be a productive employee you must not fail to overcome these five listed productivity don’ts. Go into work, be responsible, and get started as soon as you can. For more tips, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.