3 Cloud Myths- Busted!

Despite the growth of cloud computing’s popularity, there are still many questions surrounding the “mystery” and all that the cloud entails. With the uncertainty comes many ( and we mean many) misleading rumors and myths. At the speed that the cloud is growing, it’s crucial that you have a better understanding of what the cloud can bring to your business.

It’s all or nothing. The fast paced changes in trends and the market make quick responses from a business crucial. That means that businesses need a wide range of cloud solutions to meet their specific needs. A move to the cloud means that businesses must convert their systems and processes and many steps to adapt (and continue to adapt in the future) to your business’ needs. For many businesses, the first step is moving from one environment to a virtualized environment, some cases a private cloud and in others a public. Eventually, businesses will move to a hybrid where both public and private are managed together.

There is only one size. What works for one company may not work for another; there are many options to choose from. There is no limit to businesses and to say that there is only one cloud option for all is ludacris. Business’ need and want a variety of cloud choices to match their many requirements. For a better understanding of cloud terminology and what your business needs, here are two previous posts that will make things easier for you; Biel’s  Cloud Terminology Guide and Is The Cloud Right for You? 

The biggest benefit is lower costs. Of course a huge factor in making the switch to cloud computing is the cost and what the cost savings look like. Reducing operational costs is a good reason to adopt the cloud but there are so many others, that it is rarely about just saving money. The cloud is a great way to become more flexible with employees and information, adapt to changing business needs and market trends; the biggest benefit will change from company to company.

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