Moving to the Cloud? Don’t Do This

The IT World is always changing, especially with the variety of cloud software and infrastructure that is offered to businesses. While many businesses are making the jump, some of them aren’t ready, seeing failure after implementation. The cloud can be cost-saving; however, if you aren’t ready, it may end up costing your business more than you bargained for.

Leap Before You Look

Before making the move, many businesses overlook the costs of cloud computing. Hardware, software, maintenance as well as staff support are all important when managing work in the cloud.

Be sure to prepare all employees, especially IT, before making the switch to the cloud. It’s easy to overlook the training as well as forget to make the decision of using a cloud provider or manage it in house.  This means that before making the switch that you create new roles to handle the cloud and service provider

Are Your Employees Ready?

IT staff will pick up cloud platforms and process much faster than other employees. While they may be very excited to pick up the new software to help with their day to day tasks, other employees may not feel the same way about new processes and systems.

Some of your staff could feel that they lack the skills to support the cloud services, which will lead to a conflict of approval, rather than having IT struggle to operate the cloud, using a service provider could be a better alternative to training or hiring staff with the appropriate skills.

Are You Doing It For The Right Reasons?

Yes, there are a variety of cloud infrastructures but that doesn’t mean that will always save your business money. Your business should look into the costs of being in the cloud and make sure it is a proper fit. The best reason to consider moving to the cloud is to focus on the cloud’s ability to increase productivity of your employees, giving them more time for tasks that will help the bottom line.

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