Are You Using the Correct Scanner?

Having the correct hardware can make a huge impact on your day to day business processes and help you stay on top of your long list of tasks. It’s important to have a scanner that is appropriate for your business and your business’ needs.  

Reduce Paper Documents. Once you have scanned your documents and saved them digitally, you can discard your paper copies. Your business will get on the right path to the paperless and more eco-friendly office.

Quality Product. When you purchase, or are thinking about purchasing, a new scanner for the office, quality of the images is one of the most important factors to think about. In the professional world, having good quality products is the strongest way to represent your company in the best light with clients and other business contacts.

ReliabilityScanners do not rely on internet or a phone line, so it can almost always provide a reliable service. Even if the internet is down, you can scan and save a file for another time. No worries about internet going down and the phone lines being tied up effecting your scanning. 

There are several scanner options for your business to think about. Make sure that the correct scanner is inline with what your business needs. 

Portable scanner- these can be especially useful for small businesses that have small amounts of scanning to do. They’re handheld and can fit in small desk space and even used for business trips 

Sheet-feed scanners- These scanners are fed into the scanner via the feed. These are bigger than the portables but still don’t take up a large amount of desk space. These are good for a steady stream of documents scanned throughout the day. 

Flatbed Scanners- This scanner is your best bet for a large about of scanned documents per day. These are often heavy duty and have the capactiy to handle large amounts of paper. Of the three scanners, this takes up the most room. 

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