Why You Should Reconsider Document Management

When people hear “document management system”, they often think of an expensive, complicated system that just does not work with their process or budget. Even if businesses realize that their business processes have room for improvement, document management systems are too expensive, require too much training for employees and disrupt their current processes.  For those companies looking to cut down, digital document storage and scanning are the best option, especially to decrease costs and increase employee’s productivity.  With electronic document management you can:

  • Reduce employee’s time spent searching and retrieving paper documents, giving employees the opportunity to focus on more important tasks at hand. US employees waste more than two hours a week finding, sharing and storing documents. With a document management system, you have instant access right in front of you and not just to documents but any kind of digital file.
  • Increase security for said documents- no natural disasters or theft can harm your copies of a document. If your company has not invested resources in your document management infrastructure then you are risking some serious consequences.  Not to mention having a document management system in place can help with audits and with other regulations for document control and retention in many industries.
  • Say goodbye to physical storage. The infamous mountain of paperwork won’t shadow over your desk or haunt your dreams any longer. You’ll create a large amount of room for employees to use. Cut down on the costs to maintain all of your paper documents.Scanning, printing (printing again) and filing is costing you more than you realize.
  • Integration with your current system is easy. In fact, document management systems available to small and medium sized companies can provide a strong integration system that many believe was only available to large corporations.

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