Do You Know how is Big Data Is Impacting You?

We usually talk about how big data can transform industries and business, but it’s important that we all have a better understanding of it impacts us every day. From weather to online shopping, big data is providing us with a lot of information about our lives and habits.

The Weather

Most people check the weather on their phones and online daily. Big data provides us with the information to foresee serious weather conditions and allowing people and businesses to avoid them and adjust their plans. We can’t control the weather, but with big data, the weather doesn’t have to control us.

Daily Commute

Technology in our cars has become much more advanced (Self-driving…really?)  and now it even has the ability to impact our commute to work. Many cities have begun to study daily commutes in popular areas by looking at our patterns, habits, and how we get from one point to the next.  To do this they began watching how many cars were traveling and how fast they were going using Wi-FI and Bluetooth signals.

With this data we can update maps, GPS’, reducing rush hour traffic, and help keep traffic from getting backed up when there is an accident or construction. Data can also provide cities with better information for stoplights, parking, and construction.


Our ability to access and understand large amounts of data can certainly help us have better treatment and protocol for illness. Healthcare providers could access information on every outcome, procedure, and cost of care. The data can provide deeper insight into a patients risk for serious health issues as well as lower the costs of care.

Online Shopping

Big data provides us with recently viewed items and recommendations online. When you buy an item online or even search for an item online, big data is responsible for the ads you see containing similar or the same items.  Those music streaming apps you love? Well, thank big data. When you like or skip a song, that data is added to their database, providing you, music better suited for your taste.


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