Biz Blab Decoded: Workflow

Workflow, it’s one of those business words that seems to get thrown around a lot.  “Do this and it will improve your workflow.” “If you want to get better at this, your first step should be to fix your workflow.” But most of us don’t even know what it is? Is it a business catch-phrase like synergy? Are there different types?

Well, workflow is the definition, execution, and automation of where business activities are passed from one task to the next, following a set procedure. It is important to pick the process that best suits your organizations goals. If the wrong one is picked, it can be even more detrimental than not having a workflow at all.

Sequential: This workflow follows a specific set of tasks. Each one must be completed as part of the flow to move on to the next step. It is not possible to return to the previous step once the next one has been started.

Parallel: This workflow allows for two or more tasks to be completed concurrently. The tasks are not bound by a set order of sequential steps.


Workflow is not just a buzzword thrown around the management office. This often misunderstood word can reap large benefits for your organization.

1. It can improve efficiency. A well-developed workflow has been thought out and gone through to maximize the best results. This will expose any unnecessary steps. By reducing these steps time is saved and efficiency is improved.

2. Communication is also improved with workflow. Due to it’s nature, involving two or more people, it is vital for excellent communication. The consistent use of workflow forces quality communication to occur.

3. Business processing is made better. Workflow, by definition requires strict adherence to procedures. This adherence will lead to standardization of work methods and processes. This better processes in a way that is consistent.

The More You Know

Work flow is so much more than just biz buzz word. It is a cycle that can be adopted to improve any office. The benefits it provides can greatly strengthen any organization. So next time the boss says the word, no need to roll your eyes. Instead, you’ll be able to agree with the need. 
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