Document Management and Human Resources

The human resources department is often filled with paperwork, and most of that paperwork has to be properly filed and taken care of, otherwise, it can cause serious issues for your organization. That’s why it’s crucial that the HR department is organized and working efficiently. Using a document management system is vital to many departments, especially HR.  Utilizing a document management system will cut costs, save time and make business processes more efficient.

Centralize and Clutter

For proper document management for the HR department, the documents should be combined from other systems. That may mean scanning any paper documents, getting the proper emails and removing any clutter and unnecessary documents.  Unfortunately, that means venturing into the storage room and going through the dusty boxes. This gives you more office space and help your office be more eco-friendly.


There are many rules and regulations for paperwork and privacy and with paper documents, complying with those regulations can be difficult. With a document management system, you can track electronic documents with the cloud and protect sensitive documents. This will keep you in compliance with security regulations, which is critical in the business world.


Telecommuting is increasingly popular, which means your workforce may be across town, across the country or across the globe. This can be an issue when employees need to collaborate and work together. A document management system will make things easier for employees to work together from a distance, allowing them to see the same paperwork at the same time and access necessary documents at any time.

Access is easier but that doesn’t mean you have less control over the documents. There are different levels of protection, guaranteeing that only certain people can access, edit and share the documents. You can give access to only view the document, without the ability to edit and share or you can give temporary access to a certain section of the document. Document management guarantees the proper restrictions or permissions.

Choosing a document management system for your organization’s HR department will result in efficient processes and strong collaboration between employees. For more information, please contact Biel’s today.