How to De-Stress on Your Lunch Break: 5 Relaxation Tips

Everyone has those days when it seems like they won’t get everything done. In an office setting, regular deadlines, meetings and presentations can be stressful for any employee. Too much stress can have a negative impact on the body and mind and can also hinder your productivity at work. A perfect time to combat stress is on your lunch break. During lunch you can deal with stress in a healthy way, to ensure that the rest of your day will go smoothly. Below are some tips on how to relax during lunch:

Eat a Healthy Meal or Snack: Hunger can lead you to become stressed and irritable, so it is important to not skip lunch. You may be tempted to go out and grab some quick fast-food, however the wrong foods may lead you to become lethargic or nauseous.  On your next lunch break, try eating some healthy food like fruits or vegetables. Eating a healthy meal will give you energy to finish the day, and will also take your mind off of any stressors you might be dealing with.

Take a Walk:  A change of scenery can provide you with a brief escape from workday stress. Taking a quick walk will also let you get rid of any extra energy, making you more calm for your afternoon. Walking will also allow you to get some sunshine, stretch your muscles and improve your circulation.

Breathing Meditation: Taking some time out of your day to focus on your breath, will help you to gain focus, calmness and clarity. Take a few minutes to take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. If it helps you to focus better, count the inhales and exhales. This exercise will relax the body and the mind.

 Write Down Tasks: If you are overwhelmed with tasks on any particular day, it may be helpful to write down everything you need to get done for today. It can also be helpful to write down things that maybe need to get done later in the week. After you write down tasks that need to be done, also write down what you have accomplished on that day. When feeling overwhelmed, this will remind you of all the things you have completed, and that you are capable of completing all the tasks you need to accomplish. You can do it!

Music: Music is one of the best stress relievers. While on your break, plug in your earbuds and listen to a few relaxing songs. This will take you away from any previous stress, and let you recharge for your afternoon.

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