Records Management 101

Implementing a strong electronic records management will help your business perfect business operations, keep track of business in the past and start to prepare for the future. This means that information will be timely, accurate, and accessible.

What is Records Management?      

Electronic records management is maintaining records (storing, securing, etc.) to protect records and keep them accessible for the future.  As mentioned in our post, Document Management vs. Records Management, the objectives of Records Management are:

  • Control the quantity and quality of records.
  • Simplify the activities, systems, and processes of records maintenance and use.
  • Identify what records exist by records inventory.
  • Apply required retention periods to stored items.
  • Develop and administer policies and procedures.
  • Preserve records throughout their life cycle.

What About Electronic Records Management?

Businesses need to ensure that their records are in a compliant and easily retrievable format. Keeping documents in an electronic format is the best way to ensure that. It also:

  • It makes business operations run smoother by making information needed always available and quickly accessible
  • Helps your business provide consistent service because it allows employees to work efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity.
  • Keeps information accessible and safe if there is ever a disaster. It also keeps records safe from unauthorized access.
  • Allows businesses to free up space by moving records that aren’t often used to offsite storage. It also helps to avoid purchasing office equipment that isn’t necessarily needed.

 So… How?

Each year, the New York State Archives offers a grant to support, promote and recognize sound archival and records management practices. Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF) has been providing funds to help local NYS governments create records management programs since 1989. 

Biel’s has worked with over 300 local governments to complete their grant application process and projects. With over 75 years of document management experience, Biel’s has been working with LGRMIF grant projects since the grant was first established.

For more information about records management and the LGRMIF contact Biel’s today! Additional resources include our posts  It’s LGRMIF Grant Season, and Applying for LGRMIF?