8 Reasons to Register Today for Biel’s 2016 Conference

Have you heard about September’s big event?

 The Automate and Collaborate: Biel’s 2016 Conference is back, and if you haven’t already, you can register today! Join us September 9th at the New Era Stadium for an all-day, document management extravaganza that is extremely beneficial for your organization. Here’s why:

  1.  The best in the biz will be there. Our speakers and panelists will feature Biel’s president and other executive staff. You will hear from industry veterans that can provide time-tested advice and experiences for you.
  2. Networking opportunities. This event is a great way to meet people in the document management industry, in your industry, and in almost every other sector. The people you meet could become your next clients, contractors, or service providers! Take the chance to connect in an exciting and innovative setting versus the normally stuffy office.
  3. 3. Learn the document management industries benefits that can grow your business and save you money. Our sessions will introduce you to all the ways document management can help your business from OCR to automation. If you don’t know what they mean or how they can help? Sounds like you should be at the event!
  4.  Q & A time. Biel’s has a whole session set aside for Q&A with our executive team. This is a great place to ask questions you may have had from the presentations or in general. You have the questions and we have the answers.
  5. Hear real experience. As an attendee you can hear real experiences Biel’s has had and real opportunities for you to be a part of them. Join us for our sessions and learn how past clients have benefitted from document management systems and how it will help yours as well.
  6.  Experience Buffalo Hospitality at a NFL Football Stadium. At Ralph Wilson Stadium, you will experience Buffalo hospitality, a quintessential Buffalo location, and even receive a tour of the facilities. That’s right, a tour of the field and the locker room.
  7.  Have fun! Attending the Automate and Collaborate: Biel’s 2016 Conference is a fun experience that provides you with valuable information. This is a great way to learn while enjoying the time spent learning from the experts, networking in a different setting, winning prizes and raffles, and kicking back at our after-hour cocktail. The exciting atmosphere filled with like-minded, driven, and innovative professionals is sure to make the 2016 event a grand time!
  8. Improve your business. Most importantly, the conference will give you the knowledge, tools, and contacts to improve your business practices leading to a more effective structure for a greater ROI.

Ready to register for  the conferece?

We hope so. Don’t miss out on these great experiences. We hope to see you there!