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Document Scanning With InStream

Is your company struggling with efficiency? Do you feel like you’re relying on paper-intensive processes that are costing you time, money, and ability to make the most effective use of your space?

InStream is here to help.

With a strong national presence, years of in-depth experience, and a proven process for handling document scanning projects of all sizes and varieties, InStream is the partner you’ve been searching for to help increase the efficiency of your organization.

Types of Document Scanning

When you hear the phrase “document scanning” do you picture a room filled with dusty filing cabinets filled to bursting with years of collected paper documents that may or may not be vital to the trajectory of a given company? That’s where backfile scanning comes in. While not all document scanning projects follow this trajectory, a classic backfile document conversion effort focuses on working steadily through piles of paper to create digital documents that unlock the data inside. Other types of scanning projects include:  wide format scanning, maximum security scanning for sensitive documents, specialty document scanning for books, microfilm scanning, Scan to Zero (the orderly elimination of your entire backlog of paper), and more. InStream has done it all.

The InStream Backfile Scanning Process

The Benefits of Document Scanning

Scanning your documents isn’t about going paperless just for the sake of going paperless. If it wasn’t beneficial to digitize your documents, it wouldn’t be worth doing. Keep reading to learn more about the robust benefits of document scanning including enhanced security, saved space, increased efficiency, and more!

Document Scanners and Capture Software

A successful document scanning project doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To truly capture  is just a piece of the document management puzzle. The real power begins when you unleash the data from your newly digitized documents via data capture and enterprise content management software.

Document Scanning and Data Capture

Once you’ve scanned your documents, the real fun begins. With data capture, you’ll unleash the power of your data to improve your business intelligence, enhance efficiency, and generally enjoy a more streamlined, effective suite of business processes.

Why Scan with InStream?

Let’s be honest: there are no shortage of companies offering document scanning services to clients just like you. So, what makes us different? At InStream, we rely on our defined process to help ensure the best possible results with every scanning project. With years of experience, dedicated service bureaus located across the country, and a commitment to providing legendary client service as we pay close attention to every detail, we’re ready to help you leave your piles of paper behind and embrace the power of digital.


The Big Book of Document Scanning

Industry and Department-Specific Document Scanning Solutions

We don’t believe in offering a “one size fits all” document scanning service. When we work with clients in different industries, we tailor our process to ensure the most efficient, most secure, most reliable results that make a difference for your bottom line regardless of your line of work.

Accounts Payable


General Mailroom Scanning

4 Signs that You are Ready for Document Scanning Services

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